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Every production, on time and on budget

With increasing global demand for original animated content, and productions being produced from different sites worldwide with more and more work from home, there is a growing need for tools that ensure efficient production development. Studios everywhere have relied on spreadsheets and DIY solutions to help keep teams aligned and move productions forward along timelines and within budgets.

Producer 20 provides real-time access to the progress of your animated features and series, making it easier to manage global production processes. Track tasks, assets, scenes, production progress, team management, efficiencies across departments, reporting and more. Plus, Producer seamlessly integrates with the software your team needs to get the job done including Storyboard Pro and Harmony.

Our all-in-one production management and tracking tool provides global visibility of your studio’s activities, giving you access to up-to-date information and enabling you to make the best decisions at the right time.

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Main Features:

  • Customizable workflows, user profiles and roles
  • User-friendly interface
  • Dashboards and detailed reporting
  • Scheduling & gantt charts
  • Notes and annotations
  • Task, scene and asset assignment
  • Asset categorisation, labelling and tags for simplified search
  • Thumbnails and preview videos for easy access
  • Assets assembly and scene set up in Harmony
  • Third-party software integration
  • Batch import and export to CVS
  • Available for deployment on premises or on the cloud

Benefits of Producer

  • Measurable increases in studio production efficiency
  • On-time and on-budget feature and series delivery, enabling massive savings
  • Real-time visibility of full production pipeline for quick and efficient decision making
  • Reporting for all levels of studio management
  • User-friendly interface makes learning easy
  • Backed by the industry’s leading 2D animation software company who understands the needs of global studios
  • We are accessible, with support and our community being our focus — a leader in 2D animation for over 25 years
  • Seamless integration with industry-leading 2D animation production (Harmony) and storyboard software (Storyboard Pro)
  • Multi-production environment in one global platform
  • Advanced potential for team collaboration, effective communications and task delegation

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