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Greenhills Distribution

Greenhills Distribution provides an independent platform for producers looking to reach an international audience while maintaining  control of their precious creations. Based in Australia with partnering sales agents throughout the world, Greenhills has a strong global reputation forged from over 16 years in the content distribution industry. We strive to maintain a reputation of integrity and hard work and are always accessible to our clients and customers.

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A heart-warming, live-action series that follows the daily adventures of a dedicated band of volunteers who save animals from dire situations. Each year, hundreds of thousands of healthy cats and dogs are euthanised in animal shelters and vet clinics around the world, due to lack of resources or space. Unwanted and unloved, these desperate animals have no future and no prospect of survival despite having years of life left to live. Until now ….

30 x 30 min

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Animal Embassy

Tucked away in the Canary Islands, is a wildlife park that is fast becoming the most visited park on earth. Loro Parque was voted “The World’s Best Zoo” by subscribers of Trip Advisor, echoing the highest possible accreditations of animal welfare, conservation and environmental bodies across the globe. We take you behind the scenes to meet the animals and the keepers and doctors who love and care for them.

10 x 30 min

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Photo Number 6

A travel program with purpose: a reality series combining the adventure of travel with the joy of photography. Host Alan Fletcher explores the world looking for that elusive photographic image that totally encapsulates the emotion, geography and human connections he makes.

10 x 60 min

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Chasing the Light

An Australian adventure documentary following the famous photographer Ken Duncan with the renowned photo-journalist Ray Martin, venturing into one of the world’s most wild and isolated coastlines at the tail end of the Wet Season.

1 x 60 min

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Re Creators

What if you could go back in time and recreate the most iconic cars with the latest technology and engineering? Meet a series of engineering pioneers detailing their works as they rebuild all time classic cars like MG’s, Jaguars and Lamborghinis into powerful automobiles with the latest machinery and in style designs.

​4 x 30 min

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We Need Lungs – Running the Pyrenees

Italian banker Sebastiano Arlotta attempts to run from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea over the mighty Pyrenees mountains in only 9 days. To achieve this he must run over 900km and ascend and descend a total of 60,000 meters. It is an extreme adventure that demonstrates strength, passion and determination that will push him past the impossible. When he loses track of his support team we fear the worst and question whether he will emerge from the unforgiving mountains at all.

1 x 60 min

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Board Stories

Board Stories features jaw-dropping heroics from the world’s greatest surfers. This series contains everything you need to know about surfing and surf culture. From star profiles with top riders including Kelly Slater, Carissa Moore and Sunny Garcia, to beautifully shot travel segments that go in search of the world’s greatest hidden breaks. We drop in on the world’s best waves during the popular ‘Tube-of-the-Week’ segment and salute trailblazers of the surfing past. From grommet competitions to big wave tournaments, all aspects are covered, as well as other land, water, air and snow board sports. Board Stories delivers a blend of stunning imagery and family-friendly entertainment to captivate a diverse international audience.

70 x 30 min

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